Riley Walz

Hey! I'm Riley. I'm a distance runner, live in New York, and created Routeshuffle. I am a technical production intern for MSCHF.


  • Routeshuffle, a random route generator for runners
  • Spotipaid - How much does Spotify pays artists for the songs that you stream?
  • Political Streets - Do you live on a Republican or Democratic street?
  • Musical Roulette - Live game where you and your friends log in with Spotify and everyone's top songs are imported. Randomly, someone's top song is played, and everyone has to guess whose song that is. [Works but still WIP]
  • - Was a tool for finding the fastest way to cycle down every part of every road in a defined area, great for traversing long paths in a small areas (like COVID radius lockdowns)


  • Made a fake candidate for U.S. Congress whose account got verified on Twitter, which led to Twitter and Ballotpedia improving their candidate vetting process. (link)
  • Bought a 0.5 mile portion of a historical railroad tract at a tax lien auction to learn about real estate. In the process of turning it into a hiking path. (link)
  • Received a scholarship to attend WWDC in 2019 after learning Swift in a week. (link)