Riley Walz

Making AI spreadsheet tooling at Numerous in San Francisco.



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A random route generator for runners, walkers and cyclists. Type in your location, and how many miles or kilometers you want to go. Over 5 million routes made since 2018! Try it out.

Mehran's Steak House


Two friends and I turned a fake Google Maps listing for a steakhouse into a real restaurant for just one night. We served 120 guests who were under the assumption they were dining at a legitimate 5-star restaurant in Manhattan! The New York Times wrote about it.

BTS in Battle

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Lead programmer for a Game Boy game for MSCHF. The game imagines a fantastical version of world-famous Korean boy band BTS’s mandatory military service. It was sold at the Perrotin Gallery in New York.

Andrew Walz

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During my senior year of high school, I made a fake candidate for U.S. Congress whose account got verified on Twitter, which led to Twitter and Ballotpedia improving their candidate vetting process. Went on CNN.

Fast Food Index

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An interactive map that visualizes the small (and large) price differences of fast food across the United States. Featured on Business Insider.

I bought an island

Bought a 0.5 mile portion of a historical railroad tract in upstate New York at a tax foreclosure auction for a few hundred bucks. In the process of turning it into a hiking path.