Riley Walz

Hey! I'm Riley. I'm a distance runner, live in New York, and created Routeshuffle. Previously, I was a technical production intern for MSCHF.


  • Routeshuffle, a random route generator for runners
  •, a tool for podcasters to automatically cross-post episodes to YouTube

Fun projects:

  • Spotipaid - How much does Spotify pays artists for the songs that you stream?
  • Political Streets - Do you live on a Republican or Democratic street?
  • - Was a tool for finding the fastest way to cycle down every part of every road in a defined area, great for traversing long paths in a small areas (like COVID radius lockdowns)

Shenanigans (longshot, random, enriching and fulfilling experiences that aren't primarily driven by money)

  • Made a fake candidate for U.S. Congress whose account got verified on Twitter, which led to Twitter and Ballotpedia improving their candidate vetting process. (link)
  • Bought a 0.5 mile portion of a historical railroad tract at a tax lien auction to learn about real estate. In the process of turning it into a hiking path. (link)
  • Received a scholarship to attend WWDC in 2019 after learning Swift in a week. (link)