Riley Walz

New project

November 05, 2017

I am building a new website now. It's called Routeshuffle. It will be a simple site for generating random routes for running, biking and walking. I'm really excited about it. Here's some stuff about it that I've been thinking about.


There are really only two other sites that are similar, but I think that Routeshuffle will be better than them.

This probably won't be a service that people are thinking they need even before it's made, but it will help them get out the door and make it easier to generate routes for exercise. I'll have to make something that seems really awesome.


I am using just Node.js to build it. It will be my first Node experience, so I'm learning a lot. I'm making it on a Chromebook, and Node has worked just as well on there than on our iMac. It was surprising. I'm also using Express, Sendgrid and Stripe.

Will keep this post updated as I go on. Expect it to be out early next year.