Riley Walz

Schools Gone

March 16, 2020

Never did I think the coronavirus would ever get to New York and have a direct effect on me. Yet, here we are, roughly 3 months since the virus emerged. Out of an abundance of caution, my school has been cancelled for the next month. That means no more seeing my friends every day and no more track practice. I'm holding out hope that after this month of social distancing is over, everything will return back to normal and I can finish out the last month of high school strong. It doesn't seem likely, though.

Tomorrow is the first day of "school from home." My sister and I set up a table to do our work from for the next five weeks. We are trying to keep each other accountable by doing our work near each other, even though we don't take the same classes. This just feels like some crazed alternative universe scenario.

I went on a run by myself tonight. I went to the street where the team runs for warm-ups at the start of each practice. I don't think you realize how important something is until it's gone. Memories from the past four years flooded my head as I looked around. So many positive things. I ran up the hill and went to the track. I sat on a high jump mat for awhile and reflected on everything that's happened. It seems like nothing will be normal for a long time.