Riley Walz

Music memories

When the pandemic hit and everyone's way of life dramatically changed, I fell back to listening to music from normal times. There are around 1,000 songs in my Spotify library, and I'd estimate that for about half of them, I can distinctively picture one moment where I was listening to that song long ago. I know what I was doing, where I was and what time of year it was. I suddenly remember how I felt during that time. It's crazy how music can evoke these feelings. It's really the only medium that brings back memories and emotions for me in a complete way, maybe except for pictures.

The location where I remember is super specific. I'm shuffling through my library now to get some examples:

  • R.L. Burnside - Someday Baby: I'm walking through a Barnes and Noble bookstore with my mom. It's the fall and I'm probably 12 years old. No idea why I remember this.
  • 6LACK - Switch: I'm watching dash-cam car accident videos on YouTube in my high school cafeteria after school. Also the fall. So random.
  • Phoenix - 1901: I'm driving to school in the winter. My windshield isn't defrosted all of the way.
  • Run-Around - Blues Traveler: It's July, probably around 8pm. I just started a run and I know exactly what intersection I was at. Now that I think about it, I was running on the wrong side of the road (with traffic).
  • Now, Now - MJ: I'm walking my dog in August, and waiting for him to pee. I know which intersection I'm at.