The day before Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day in the U.S. With the heated political climate in America, many people are assuming protests, and possibly riots, will occur when the results are finalized. I really don't want to live in a society that can't accept the results of any election. While nearly all Americans are sane, decent and compassionate people, a tiny fraction of people that hail from both sides of the political spectrum push us all to the edge.

I walked all the way down to South Ferry tonight (a 7 mile walk). I wanted to take in the calm before the (hopefully uneventful) storm. There are many, many storefronts being boarded up. I saw contractors on nearly every block of 5th Avenue working late into the night. There may be some small skirmishes, but I don't think there will be any large scale looting or destruction. I understand why these businesses want to protect their storefronts, just in case something quickly turns for the worst, but it was a very sobering sight. Hopefully discourse in America can return to normal soon.